Kit Klinkert offers entertaining magic with playing cards. He does not require a stage, technical assistance or any further time or effort from your part in order to amaze your guests, and it makes no difference if they are seated at tables or standing.


Rather than being a listed main attraction of your event, Kit Klinkert mingles with your guests, performing for one small group after the other. Without distracting from your program it takes him only a short while to enthuse up to 20 people at once, thus guaranteeing magical moments for you and your guests.

Weddings - Birthdays - Anniversaries - Other events


His legerdemain is at times quick and direct, at times wrapped around small anecdotes, always visual and with high impact. He connects and interacts with your guests, clients or employees, casting a spell of delight upon them.

Openings - Promotions - Conventions - Corporate events - Club - Society events - Poker Tournament - Restaurant - Café - Bar